Our crates are packed tightly with our Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood.

Because the logs are hand packed neatly, there are only small spaces between the logs, giving you a greater number of logs per cubic metre than in our loose loads.

If you have spare room in a garage or store where a pallet truck can move easily this is the ideal solution for you to buy and store firewood.

The delivery drivers are on hand to move the crate as close as possible to where you require the crate to be sited.

Before we send out these crates, they are securely strapped then capped in a plastic waterproof cover, then shrink wrapped, just in case of a shower whilst delivery is taking place, this ensures you get your wood dry and ready to burn.


PLEASE NOTE: All our firewood is delivered to a single place.   We are not able to split the delivery, or carry through a property to the rear. Please ensure your delivery area to the front or rear is easily accessible.


LEAD TIME: On average 48hrs - Same day if required with prior notice


CONTENTS:  Kiln Dried Hardwood

SPECIES: ASH / OAK / BIRCH (Depending on stock)


LOG SIZE: 25cm (9 3/4") standard length - Tolerance +/- 10%

CAPACITY: 1.0 Cubic Metre