MAXI BAGS 200 LITRES - 0.190 pence litre

Our innovative Iglu Minibags have proven to be a great success ever since we introduced it to the market, so much so they are now our best selling product for value for money and practicality.

Its unique size allows us to deliver the product anywhere on your property with ease. This saves you the time in not having to do this yourself. 

With its weatherproof packaging we can make sure this product gets to your final destination in perfect dry conditions.‚Äč



We often get asked by our customers which products are best value for money. 

All our products are sold in different sizes (litres) and are given a measurement of volume which is then converted into litres.

We then make a calculation based upon the unit cost of the best price for this product which is usually the 'bulk price' in order to get a price per litre.

Please feel free to call us 01726 338020 if you need any further information on this.

MEGA CRATE 1000 LITRES - 0.205 pence litre 

The 1000 Litre Crate with increased height allows for a better storage solution when compared to ordering smaller nets, saving you much needed space in your garage or shed. 


JUMBO BAGS 1500 LITRES - 0.199 pence litre

Our extremely large Jumbo Bags are the perfect way to buy firewood should you have a large dry store such as a garage or shed that can accommodate this space

Its unique size allows us to deliver the product anywhere on your property with ease. 


FIRE NETS 30 LITRES - 0.33 pence litre

Our Fire Nets are packed tightly with our Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood for ease of delivery.

If you have spare room in a garage or store where nets can be stored this is the ideal solution for you to buy and store firewood in this format.