CONTENTS: 20KG Plastic sealed Bag


LEAD TIME:  On average 48hrs

                      Same day if required with prior notice‚Äč


If you are new to buying firewood the following information is aimed to give you a comprehensive overview of the firewood fraternity and tips on what best could suit your proposed buying and storage methods.


1) RECENTLY FELLED: - This is firewood that has just been cut down often known as 'Green' and is NOT ready for use. The moisture levels in these logs will be around 40% to 65% (depending on species).


2) SEASONED FIREWOOD: A natural air drying process that reduces the moisture content in the wood to around 25%. You will need to dry the firewood prior to use. This can take up to 2 and a half years for hardwoods such as Oak and Beech. Varieties such as Ash and Birch is a little less, around a year in good drying conditions.

In order to reduce the log to below 25% you will need an outside storage area that is well-ventilated and, ideally, open to the wind. To prevent the logs from reabsorbing moisture the logs need to be stacked off the ground and covered with a wind break or tarpaulin to protect them from rain or snow. Be aware that if you cover the logs entirely with no air flow the logs will be susceptible to rotting. It is the cheapest way to buy firewood but be aware as plenty of patience is needed as not always will the firewood be at an ideal level for use, normally when you need it most !


3) HOUSE DRY: When the seasoned wood as reached a level of 25% moisture you can start to bring the logs inside the house for the final stage of drying. This process is known as 'House Drying' The warm atmosphere created by your wood burner, open fire or stove will reduce the moisture content to around 20%. It is advisable not to use the logs straight away, normally 2 to 3 days drying is required.


 4) KILN DRIED FIREWOOD: This is the Rolls Royce of firewood. Basically newly felled firewood is split and cut down to the required size (normally 25cm) and is force dried in a Kiln (very large oven, normally the size of a house). The firewood is then measured for moisture content at regular intervals and when below 18% it is then taken away to dry storage or sold immediately.

An ideal log will contain between 10 and 14% moisture. You do not want the log to be close to ZERO% as it will burn to quick. A small amount of moisture is always recommended as this moisture within the log will slow down the burning time without reducing the heat output. 

As the Kiln Dry Log is ready to use you do not need a large area to store the logs. If you are planning to store these logs make sure you dry them in a dry place such as a garage or shed. DO NOT store them outside as the log will only start to reabsorb moisture again defeating the object of kiln drying them in the first instance. 

At Cornwall Firewood we give 100% guarantee on all our Kiln Dried Products which will give you the peace of mind in dealing with a local reputable, family run business.