Burlyburn is the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to logs. Made from miscanthus our logs are a high heat, long lasting and carbon neutral fuel choice.

Burlyburn Fuel Logs are ideal for wood burners, open fires, chimineas, BBQ or any solid fuel appliances. 

Simply break one to two Burlyburn Fuel Logs into smaller pucks and place a Firelighter among them. This will get your fire going before adding four to five Burlyburn Heatlogs. At this point use a couple of logs at a time when needed. Burlyburn heatlogs come in various sizes which are ideal for breaking up and using accordingly. They are also the perfect size to be used in log burners.

Once alight due to the low moisture content the Burlyburn Heatlogs produce a high level of heat, we suggest you gradually build your fire and don’t overload until you are used to the heat they produce.


During the production of our premium miscanthus animal bedding we process the crop and extract the dust and small particulates to ensure our bedding products are as clean as possible. It is this waste material that we use to create Burlyburn.  When processed under high compression this waste becomes densely packed, natural fuel logs. We then package our product in a 15kg weatherproof bag. The bag itself is made from one third recycled materials otherwise destined for landfill and being LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) the bags are 100% recyclable too.