From our customer feedback we have now introduced a new product line.

Our Part Seasoned Firewood allows you to buy the firewood at a cheaper rate as the firewood requires further seasoning before use. 

On average these logs will contain between 30 -40% moisture capacity and will take around six months to dry in a dry area, well away from any moisture ingress - a garage or store being ideal. We recommend the purchase of a moisture meter to monitor the moisture content of the firewood prior to use.

We believe the quality of our part seasoned firewood is unbeatable for both efficiency and price in Cornwall and Devon with FREE DELIVERY on all products.

We sell this product in 4 ways - Maxi-bags - Dumpy Bags - Jumbo Bags and Fire Nets.

The Firewood will be delivered to anywhere on your property by our staff at no extra charge.

We monitor our prices daily to be the most affordable fuel in the southwest.